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East Setauket Bathroom Cabinet Refacing
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East Setauket Bathroom Cabinet Refacing

Master bathroom cabinet refacingIf you purchased your home fully furnished, you might want to revise the bathroom cabinets that are installed in the house. Usually, these cabinets match the theme of the entire house. While they are great to look at, they may not have the style that you want.

While you can renovate the bathroom to change the bathroom cabinets to match your style, it will cost you a lot of money. Doing it yourself will cost you even more, especially if you choose the wrong pieces for your bathroom project.

You can easily save a lot of unnecessary trouble and money by reaching out to us here at Classic Hardwood Restoration. Our East Setauket team can reface your bathroom cabinets to give them a new look and improve the way they work for you and your family.

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Why Choose Bathroom Cabinet Refacing?

Bathroom cabinets are costly because they are custom-built to fit in bathrooms. They are also made from expensive wood, which can withstand moisture and other damages that they might experience through time.

While you can buy new cabinets, they are expensive to purchase. It is not very ideal to buy new cabinets, especially if the cabinets you have at your bathroom are still functional. Bathroom cabinet refacing can help you save up on costs in getting these cabinets into the style that you want.

When you reach out to our East Setauket, NY team, we will look into the condition of your current bathroom cabinets, see what can be done to improve them, and give them the look that you want. We will fix all the damages they have, refresh their color, and apply a lasting finish that improves their durability.

Refacing Options Available

custom bathroom redesignClassic Hardwood Restoration offers an array of options for customers to pick out for their bathroom cabinet refacing requests. We won’t just reface the cabinets’ current appearance, but we will also change their finish, stain the wood and change their functions depending on your preference.

We aim to help you feel more at home by giving you opportunities to get the style that you want for an affordable price. When you get your bathroom cabinets refaced, you don’t have to throw away your working bathroom cabinets. We can reface your bathroom cabinet doors easily and give them a durable finish that will not take a long time to finish as compared to traditional refacing. Once they’re complete, your bathrooms will be the talk of the town and increase your home’s value.

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Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration LogoIf you want to increase the value of your home through the pieces that design your bathroom and kitchens, our company, Classic Hardwood Restoration, can assist you.

You don’t have to replace your cabinets if they are in working condition just to get the right style for your tastes. Our East Setauket team can help you achieve your dream bathroom look by providing refacing and other cabinet makeovers without charging you unreasonable fees. Everything will be done with your approval so that you get what you are paying for, and you are satisfied with the final product.

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