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Elmont Cabinet Painting
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Elmont Cabinet Painting

kitchen cabinet remodelCabinets can be expensive to replace, especially if you are looking for a specific cabinet color to match your kitchen or bathroom. It is also a waste of money if the cabinet you plan to replace is still in good working condition.

Fortunately, cabinet painting can reinvent the look of your cabinets easily and make them look brand new. With the right color, finish, and painting, you can get the look you want for your kitchen or bathroom for a lesser cost.

If you want to get the perfect painting done on your cabinets, you can trust our cabinet company in Elmont. We are dedicated to providing high-end and long-lasting paint jobs to any cabinets you want us to make. We can even upgrade them to match the theme you have for your room and budget.

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Benefits of a Professionally Painted Cabinet

Having cabinets painted greatly improves their image no matter what color you use for them. If the cabinets used to look dark, using lighter paint can give them a brighter look and make them look larger. If you want to provide them with a darker touch or give the room accents, darker paints can be used. You also have a lot of other colors to choose from to achieve the look that you want.

Cabinet painting is also affordable rather than getting it replaced or refaced. You don’t have to pay for workers to do it for you, and it can be finished within a few hours and days. Painting cabinets is also eco friendly because you don’t cut more trees to make new cabinets or cabinet doors.

Finally, cabinet painting is recommended because it can increase the value of your home. With a clean-looking cabinet, people will think that they are brand new and fit perfectly in the room. Our team can help you get the right impact you are after once we look into your cabinets. No matter what material they are, we can give it a high-quality finish in any color you desire.

Long-Lasting Paintwork that Stands Out

Custom refinished kitchen cabinetsWhen you reach out to a professional cabinet painting team, you will notice the quality of the paintwork that requires less maintenance.

The reason for this quality is the fact that cabinet painters take note of the location of the cabinet, the material it has, and the finish its owners want for the cabinet. Cabinet painters take note of what materials are needed to protect the cabinet from the elements and make sure that it is done correctly.

When the cabinets are painted and cured, owners will notice that they will be damage-resistant and still look brand new. Of course, the cabinets can still be damaged depending on the force its users use to open and close it. However, we do guarantee that the paint we place on the cabinets will last for a long time, and they will be free from defects that will cause them to chip easily.

Customized Services

Aside from cabinet painting, we here at Classic Hardwood Restoration also do several other services to support clients who want their bathrooms and kitchens restyled to match their ideal theme.

From reconfiguring your current cabinet locations to making them more functional or appealing to look at, we can assist in these needs. We will do them quickly and perfectly to the point you may think the cabinets were made like that when you bought them.

If you want to adjust the space, install fixtures on top of your cabinets or update the entire area, we can help you out. Our cabinet company in Elmont. NY is always here to make your dream home a reality without spending too much and waiting for a long time for them to be finished.

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Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration LogoAs Elmont’s trusted cabinet company, our Classic Hardwood Restoration team is ready to help you get the best kitchen and bathroom cabinets to give your home a personal touch. Our solutions are very affordable, and they will give additional value to your home.

We will paint your cabinets based on your preferences and make sure that the paint we use enhances their natural look and, at the same time, give the impression you are looking for that will fit your style. We also guarantee that our work will last for a long time and impress everyone who sees your newly painted cabinets in action.

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