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East Moriches Wood Refinishing
Kitchen & Bath Cabinet Refinishing | Wood Floor Restoration


East Moriches Wood Refinishing

Give new life to your hardwood floors or update your cabinets with fast, friendly wood refinishing services! Classic Hardwood Restoration is your East Moriches wood refinishing company, helping you save money on some of the most expensive items in your home to replace.

cabinet and flooring refinishing

When your wooden floors or cabinets start to look dated, scruffy, and worn out, it might be the right time to refinish them. Instead of replacing your flooring or cabinets, which can put a dent in your wallet, you can restore them instead; through wood refinishing. This restoration method will make your wood furnishings look like they did when you first fell in love with them.

It is also much faster than replacement, or traditional refinishing techniques. Instead of 6-10 days of labor and waiting for outdated products to cure, we use a safe, innovative system that can allow you to have use of your floors again in mere hours.

To make sure that your wood refinishing projects will be properly handled and professionally done, trust our experts. Weโ€™re the best wood refinishing company in East Moriches, NY, and our long list of satisfied customers will agree. Your wooden cabinets and flooring will look brand new again if you let us help you with your wood refinishing needs.

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Wood Floor Refinishing Experts

Utilizing our innovative hardwood refinishing process, we make updating your flooring fast and easy.

Hardwood floor refinishing company

Over time, floors can become damaged, faded, scratched, and worn from sunlight, pets, and normal daily use.

Typically, refinishing hardwood floors requires messy sanding, toxic stripping chemicals, and waiting days for it to cure before you can even walk on the surface.

With our unique system, most jobs can be completed in an afternoon, with curing done instantly using our innovative UV curing system.

From light wear to extensive, long-term damage, our wood floor refinishing experts can handle discoloration, deep scratches, and even separated floorboards, leaving you with flooring that once again shines with the original luster and color.

Cabinet Refinishing Professionals

Wood flooring isn’t the only household staple that our experts specialize in. As wood refinishing professionals, we also assist with bath and kitchen cabinet refinishing.

attractive kitchen cabinets after remodel

Wood cabinets are an attractive addition to a home, but over time they can lose their luster. Don’t waste the money, time, and hassle required for cabinet replacement or for traditional refinishing services.

Instead, trust our innovative, proven effective system for lightspeed cabinet refinishing that has us in and out of your home in a single day.

Utilizing UV lighting to super speed the curing process, we reduce total project time, meaning that you are back to your normal life faster with our proprietary process and products. We can also change the color, tint, tone, or shade of your cabinets with a cabinet color change.

Our experts can recommend and provide the perfect solution for your home and design aesthetic.

What is Wood Refinishing?

Wood refinishing is like a process of giving your old wooden cabinets or floors a total makeover.

Hardwood flooring refinishing and cabinet refinishing

With Classic Hardwood Restoration, we utilize an innovative and effective system that is faster and cleaner than traditional refinishing processes to get your home better than before in less time.

Refinishing wood can prolong its lifespan and give it a new and more stylish look. You can start this project if youโ€™re renovating your home and would need to update the style and appearance of your decor to suit your homeโ€™s new and improved look.

At Classic Hardwood Restoration we provide cabinet refinishing and hardwood floor restoration, bringing new life to two of the most expensive elements of your home to replace.

The Best Choice For Wood Refinishing

If you need to refinish your wood flooring, Classic Hardwood Restoration will get it done.

refinished hardwood floor

We are experts in the field, and weโ€™ll see to it that your wood refinishing needs will be fulfilled right on schedule and without breaking the bank.

You only have to let us know about your timeframe, budget, and specifications; you can leave the rest to us.

Weโ€™ll always make sure to give you an update about the project and meet your deadline. You can verify our excellent reputation in East Moriches and trust that we will provide outstanding service and a long-lasting and attractive finished project for all of your wood flooring and cabinetry refinishing jobs.

Wood Refinishing Free Consultation

Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration LogoTo help you get started as soon as possible, weโ€™re offering you a free consultation with us. Classic Hardwood Restoration is the best East Moriches wood refinishing company. If you call us now, we can discuss your needs and figure out how we can help you using our skills and services.

No project is small or big for us; weโ€™ll do our best to provide your needs, no matter how minor or major the kind of refinishing that you require. Let us help you improve your home by doing a fantastic wood refinishing job for you.

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