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Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Wood Floor Restoration & Renovation


Long Island Wood Floor Refinishing

Outdated, worn, damaged, or faded floors negatively impacting your home value or satisfaction with your home interiors? Don’t replace functionally sound but unattractive wood flooring- refinish it instead!

wood floor refinishing

Your Long Island wood floor refinishing company, we take your old or dated flooring and make it like new again, breathing fresh life into your home. 

With our innovative hardwood flooring refinishing solution, we are able to quickly, safely, and effectively apply a new finish to your flooring in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of both cabinet replacement and traditional wood flooring refinishing. There is no mess, no lingering odor, and no waiting for the stain to cure, meaning you can get back to regular life in your home again sooner.

Whether you want to maintain the natural or original stain color, or would like to update to a richer, deeper color, our wood refinishing experts help you get the floors you have always dreamed of.

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Damaged Wood Floor Refinishing

If you have damaged wood floors, including wear from foot traffic, fading due to sunlight, or even scratches, gouges, or gashes resulting from pets or moving furniture, all is not lost.

Hardwood floor refinishing company

Our damaged wood floor refinishing service is faster, cleaner, safer, and less expensive than standard floor refinishing services. We effectively identify, treat, and eliminate damage to your floors before applying a low-odor sealant and utilizing our process for instant curing. 

Some homeowners only believe that refinishing can be done if the damage is minimal, but this is not always the case. We have effectively refinished wood flooring for many different levels of damage, ranging from extensive to minor.

We can also update and refinish many different types of wood flooring, including non-sandable and non-standard flooring types such as bamboo or cork. This is because instead of a drum sander, which is typically used to remove old finishes, scratches, and damage, is not required for our refinishing application. This not only increases the versatility of the refinishing services we can provide, it also means that there is less mess for the homeowner once the job is done.

Whether you have extensive damage, an un-sandable floor type, or simply want to update your flooring and regain your original shine and luster, we have a fast, affordable, and effective wood flooring refinishing solution for your specific needs.

Innovative Wood Floor Refinishing Process

What makes Classic Hardwood Restoration the right Long Island wood floor refinishing company for your home and needs? We use an innovative flooring refinishing process that is safer, faster, cleaner, and more affordable than standard floor refinishing techniques.

wood floor refinishing service

Requiring no sanding during our wood flooring restoration process means that it is much cleaner than standard refinishing, which uses a drum sander. Sanding floors means that while floors may look new, the rest of your home now requires dusting and cleaning to remove the evidence of the work that has been done. Our solution eliminates the extra cleaning that other solutions require.

Standard wood flooring refinishing also uses toxic chemicals to strip away old finishes or varnishes from your original flooring, leaving toxic fumes and odors that may linger for weeks. Our process does not require the use of these toxic chemicals, and all of our products are low-odor. We want your family to enjoy your home again as quickly and completely as possible.

Due to our streamlined process, we require less time and manpower to complete your project, meaning we can refinish your wood floors both faster and more affordably than our competitors. With our innovative instant cure process, you are free to move freely on your floors in mere days, rather than waiting a week or more for the project to be completed, then another week for curing to complete.

If you want a fast, reliable, safe, and effective Long Island, NY floor refinishing partner, Classic Hardwood Restoration is the clear choice!

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Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration LogoTired of damaged, worn, or aging hardwood floors? Revitalize and reinvigorate them with fast, affordable, and effective wood flooring refinishing services by Classic Hardwood Restoration!

Your Long Island wood floor refinishing company, we deliver high-quality wood flooring solutions that save you time, hassle, and money. Don’t replace your functionally sound hardwood floors, and don’t waste your money and time on slower, messier, and more expensive traditional floor refinishing services. Classic Hardwood Restoration provides beautiful flooring that your family can enjoy long-term with less hassle, less mess, and less investment!

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