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Long Island Hardwood Floor Refinishing
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Long Island Hardwood Floor Refinishing

refinished hardwood floorHardwood is a popular choice for flooring among homeowners. With the durability it offers, it indeed is the go-to flooring material that ensures a long-lasting shelf life. With that said, the hardwood floor in your care might have been serving you for a long time already or was used for so many years by now. Either way, it has sustained issues that need to be taken care of soon. Our hardwood floor refinishing service might be the thing that you need!

If your hardwood floor at home is already showing symptoms for a need to refinish, but you don’t have any knowledge or the expertise to treat it, you better call a professional to handle the matter. Classic Hardwood Restoration is a well-known company that tends to hardwood floors that require refinishing as soon as possible.

We can give your hardwood floor a total makeover and make it appear brand new. We have been servicing the entire city of Long Island, NY, so we promise you of service with no disappointments. Check out the testimonies of our happy clients and be assured that your flooring investment won’t go to waste after we refinish your hardwood floor.

Call Classic Hardwood Restoration at 516-915-0204 for a free quote with a hardwood floor refinishing expert now!

Signs You Need a Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floor refinishing companyHardwood floor is a great investment for anyone’s home because of its long-term value. However, for it to last for a lifetime, it requires proper care and maintenance now and then. Sad to say, several homeowners have no idea how often this needs to be done and how to do it.

Most indications that your hardwood floor already calls for a refinishing are quite obvious, but there are also some signs that are subtle. These are the things that you don’t even know you have to look out for in the first place. Lucky for you, this is when Classic Hardwood Restoration will happily rescue you from a confused state!

We have shortlisted signs that it’s time for you to get a hardwood floor refinishing project:

Scratches galore. Having plenty of scratches on your hardwood floor is a pretty clear indication that you need to refinish it as soon as possible, especially the ones that have already damaged the stain on your floor. We are sure that you don’t want to keep the unsightly scratches that are hard to cover up with a rug.

Although most of these scratches are just the latest and will be rubbed out easily through a simple sanding, larger gouges and the likes may have to be replaced with an entirely new board. To be sure, contact Classic Hardwood Restoration today.

Boards are turning gray. If you had noticed that your hardwood floor does not have the same color anymore from when you first installed it, then it’s time to have them refinished. When your wooden floor turns gray, it means that the polyurethane is waning. Your hardwood floor will then start to absorb water from any source. If not nursed immediately, it will keep absorbing moisture until it turns black. At this point, a total replacement will be the only option.

Water damage. A separation or cupping between your floorboards suggests that it has sustained water damage. If your boards are cupping just a bit, a little sanding can alleviate it. A replacement of the entire board is most likely to happen if there’s a major separation between boards. So before that happens, acquire our professional hardwood floor refinishing service today.

Diminishing color. Too much UV ray exposure can fade the colors of your hardwood floor. When this happens, it is high time to have them refinished. It is your chance to renew their protection against the sunlight and to keep the colors vibrant again as well.

If you notice other issues in your hardwood flooring, talk to Classic Hardwood Restoration immediately. Our floor refinishing experts, who are providing services in Long Island, will guide you on what’s the right thing to do.

Attested Long Island Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service Provider

wood floor refinishingClassic Hardwood Restoration is the frequented and most referred refinishing service provider in Long Island. We are experts on all kinds of floor refinishing, especially on hardwood flooring, which we are most consulted upon. Our employees are all refined in their respective jobs, so we can guarantee you a service that is worthy of every dollar in your investment.

For your hardwood floor refinishing project, expect us to be in full control of the task from start to finish. To simplify it, you can expect full service from us. We will do all the work for you so you can chill while waiting for your refinished hardwood floor to be done. Your needs and wants will always be the forefront of our work goals, given, of course, that you have consulted our flooring experts and have discussed the pros and cons of your preference.

Also, our work speed is above average so expect a complete refinished hardwood floor in just three days or under, depending on the size of the project. Additionally, included in our exclusive deal is the regular inspection at your home to ensure that your hardwood floor is properly cared for and maintained. This is also our way of knowing if there are immediate repairs that need to be done, which we can also handle for you.

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Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration LogoIf you have noticed the signs of your hardwood floor that demand refinishing, secure a professional hardwood floor refinishing service right away. Contact us and let us be the one to work on it. Rest assured, you will have a fresh-looking hardwood floor in no time.

Call Classic Hardwood Restoration at 516-915-0204 for a free quote with a Long Island hardwood floor refinishing expert now!