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Long Island Hardwood Floor Restoration
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Long Island Hardwood Floor Restoration

refinished hardwood floorHardwood floors are favored by a lot of homeowners for the incomparable beauty that they give off. These floors also provide warmth and unique styling that never fail to increase home value. However, along with their outstanding merit is your responsibility to maintain and properly attend to them. So if your floors have been with you for decades and have sustained a lot of damages already, it is high time to opt for a hardwood floor restoration.

It is common among homeowners to somehow forget the regular upkeep of their wooden floors. Over time, you may also have neglected your hardwood, and its appearance and performance aren’t the same when you first had it installed. In the instance where sanding and refinishing won’t suffice anymore, hardwood floor restoration is your only option to bring the beauty and function of your floors back to life.

Throughout Long Island, New York, Classic Hardwood Restoration is one of the most esteemed names when it comes to hardwood restoration services. Our expert team has already served a long list of clients in which no one ended unhappily with our job. Instead, our popularity even increased, and our quality services are attested by our clients due to their numerous referrals and testimonies.

For a standard and extensive hardwood floor restoration, we are undoubtedly your best choice. Our restoration services are tailored to address your specific wooden floor problems, priced reasonably to work around your budget, and planned in a way that won’t let you wait long to enjoy beautiful and functional hardwood floors again.

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Reasons for Hardwood Floor Restoration

wood floor refinishingWhether to enhance its appearance or to revive its waning functionality, floor restoration for hardwood is necessary. After decades of being walked on, scratched, spilled on, hurled against, and damaged by calamities, a restoration project is expected.

If you are still on the fence about getting it done, here are the reasons why you should go for a hardwood floor restoration:

Carpets are more expensive in the long run. Although it may seem cheaper to replace your hardwood floor with a carpet than restoring it, your wooden floor will save you more money in the long run.

Carpets openly absorb smoke, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens, making them a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and viruses. Regularly cleaning them would be an added, unnecessary work for you. Additionally, after just a few years, wears and tears on carpets will require them to be replaced.

On the other hand, with just the proper regular mopping and daily sweeping, hardwood floors will last for generations before needing replacement.

Most old wood floors can be repaired. If your home is already adorned with old wood floors, it is better to have them restored than replacing them with new ones.

We understand that your floors may have already warped and buckled with stains from spills and pet urine. Yet here in Classic Hardwood Restoration, our restoration experts will take care of all of it. Remember that repairing and restoring your hardwood floor is a lot cheaper than entirely replacing it.

Restoring a hardwood floor can be relatively inexpensive. Hardwood is extremely strong and durable, often making their required repairs to be nothing but minor fixes. Although the price can vary on the amount of work to be done, if your floor still has a strong foundation, which is mostly the case, it’s safe to say that a restoration project won’t incur a huge expense.

Antique floors bring charm and atmosphere to your home. Your old hardwood floor, with just the right maintenance and regular cleaning, can bring forth its classic charm that will elevate the aesthetics of your home.

If you already have that wooden floor installed in your house, take advantage of it and invest in waking up the rustic theme that will infuse that natural feeling in your home.

Restoring your hardwood floor is an investment. Aside from beautifying your old wooden floors, the restoration will prove to be a valuable investment should you decide to sell your home.

With just a few repairs that won’t cost you a lot of money, you will have fully restored hardwood floors that attract potential buyers. Many real estate agents have claimed that it is easier to sell a house with hardwood flooring than those with a different type of flooring.

Easy repair. Restoration will not just give you a brand new looking hardwood floor; it will also give the benefit of a new floor without necessarily spending for a full replacement.

What Can We Offer You?

Hardwood flooring refinishing and cabinet refinishingAs a dedicated company of professional hardwood floor contractors, Classic Hardwood Restoration is a licensed and expert company providing wooden floor restoration services in Long Island. Depending on the extent of the damage and the size of the whole project, our team of professionals will plan an effective, time-saving process specific to your needs.

Aside from that, we only invest in products with the highest grade, and our equipment is arguably the best in the market. With this, you can rest assured that working on restoration with us will be done in a short period yet capped with the quality you won’t regret paying for.

Take note that we don’t only restore your hardwood floor, we also give extra refinishing touches on the side. This is done to fully realize the plan of breathing life back to your wooden floor. Once you start working with us, we guarantee you of a floor with a flawless surface and sturdy foundation.

As experts on this line of work, we are proud to vaunt the positive reviews and countless referrals we have received from all the clients we have serviced through the years. It has become our drive to continue giving our clients the service they deserve. Call Classic Hardwood Restoration now to be one of the homeowners who enjoyed our professionally restored hardwood floors.

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Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration LogoHardwood floor restoration is indeed a very challenging task to take. But with the knowledge and skills of Classic Hardwood Restoration, you will get past it and have a successful floor restoration project.

For inquiries and concerns, feel free to reach us by our hotline so we can cater to your needs right away. We aspire to be your only hardwood floor lifesaver in Long Island every time you need one.

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