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Copiague Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
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Copiague Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

attractive wood floor refinishingKitchen cabinets are made to last for a long time, but they are often simple to look at. As a result, they may not be pleasing to the eyes and conflict with the ideal kitchen image you want for your home. But, if you are on a budget, how can you revise the look of your kitchen cabinets without having to spend a lot of money?

Here at Classic Hardwood Restoration, we can give your current kitchen cabinets a new look by refacing them so they will look brand new. Your current cabinets will be checked for any minor damages, fix them and replace their screws, doors, skins, and veneer to fit the style that you want. Refacing is easier to do, which is why you can easily use your kitchen after we are finished refacing your cabinets.

Since we started, we have been the trusted cabinet refinishing company for any Copiague residents looking for smart and functional cabinet solutions that will make your home more appealing and functional for many years to come.

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Benefits of Cabinet Refacing

You don’t have to pay a lot of money to give your kitchen cabinets a new look. You also don’t have to spend a lot of time remodeling them to your specifications to achieve your dream kitchen. Even if the cabinets do not look appealing on the outside, they can still be repurposed and reconfigured to fit your ideal cabinet look.

When you reface your kitchen cabinets, we will take into consideration the various options available for you. This includes the new doors we can use, the paint, veneer, and others. Since we will only be revising some parts of the cabinet, it will cost half the price of a new cabinet. It will also take less time and labor to get everything in order in comparison to kitchen renovations that may take months to complete.

Here at Classic Hardwood Restoration, we understand how important your kitchens are to your home, and we know how difficult it is to work without one during your renovation work. We make it a point to work only on the areas that require revising so that you can use the rest of the space without problems. You will also be involved in the entire process so that you get the results you want once we are done.

Available Options for Functionality and Organization

kitchen cabinet remodelTo make your kitchen cabinet refacing a success, you need to know what options are available for the service. In kitchen cabinet refacing, you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the hardware that will be used for your kitchen cabinets, what designs they must have, and what finish they’ll have once we are done. We can also reinforce the current cabinets so that they will work like they are brand new when we install the new hardware and cure the cabinet. Further options are available based on the kitchen theme you are going after, the timeline you have for the project, and how much budget you have for it.

If you need recommendations on what we can do for your kitchen, we also provide built-in kitchen cabinet accessories that focus on functionality and space utility. Some of the accessories we can include in your cabinets include the following:

1. Pull-out base organizers
2. Spice racks
3. Under-sink organizers
4. Pantry organizers
5. Drawer inserts
6. Lazy susans
7. Trash containers
8. Drawer organizers

Aside from refacing, we also do cabinet painting, renovations, and redooring. No matter what you need for your home renovation projects when it comes to cabinets, Classic Hardwood Restoration will deliver without fail, and it will last for a long time.

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Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration LogoHome improvement projects don’t have to be expensive, especially when it comes to sorting out kitchen cabinets. When you call our cabinet experts here at our Copiague, NY cabinet company, we can help you get the dream kitchen that you want by using the right materials to customize your cabinets and finish them quickly and efficiently.

We will give you reasonable rates for our services and make sure that you approve the final product before we leave your home. We can even give you expert advice if you are uncertain about what kind of renovations we can make with your current setup. We are here to help and give you the best service for your cabinet needs.

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